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Family Portraits: The Dinsmores September 17, 2012

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So I was going through my old pictures the other day and I found some that I did a few months back. It’s a family photo shoot with Elsie, Rebecca, and Lucy. I love the pictures. The lighting was perfect, and I hope to get more of my dolls’ family portraits soon. Enjoy!





I just love this one where they’re looking at each other! It’s so cute!




Hope you enjoyed looking at these! I know I had a lot of fun taking them!


Business??? September 5, 2012

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Okay, so recently, I’ve really gotten into fixing up my little cousin’s doll’s hair. She has a Rapunzel toddler doll and is constantly messing up the hair. So, every now and then, I’ll treat her and fix it nice again. It always looks brand new, which got me thinking…why not do this for American Girl dolls? My older cousin has some old Pleasant Company dolls that the hair is dry, and there’s ink all over them. After reading on Doll Diaries about how to remove stains, I figured I could fix them up for her. My other cousin and I did. As we were doing it, I asked her if she thought it would be a good business. I mean, to get a new head from the doll hospital is like fifty dollars with shipping. So, why not charge a whole lot less and do it ourselves? We know how to remove stains, I can tighten limbs, and we both work on the hair. We were just going to do it locally, but my mom suggested I advertise on here. So you tell me, is this something you’d be interested in? I’m hoping to have prices and before and after pictures up ASAP. I just finished tightening Kit’s limbs and the turn out is awesome! Just let me know in the comments if you think that you or anyone you know would be interested in this. Like I said, I’ll have prices and pictures up soon. I will tell you that I plan on charging maybe half of what AG charges. That’s it for now! -Emma


New AG Stuff and Wishing for Old Prices September 3, 2012

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Hi everyone.

I’m sure all of you know about the new AG stuff by now, and the ever rising prices. As much as I love AG, and realize the need to raise prices slightly, I am somewhat confused by why they must raise them so high, not to mention the fact that AG stuff comes with fewer and fewer items. I will always love American Girl, and will continue to purchase sale items from them. But with a low babysitting income, that’s pretty much all I can afford at this moment. Lucky for me, (and you!) there are a lot of awsome eBay and etsy shops out there as alternatives. Here are the links! This one has lots of clothes and accessories that fit AG dolls, and reproductions of some actual AG stuff for a lot cheaper! Here’s some adorable modern clothes! Bright and funky colors! This eBay store has several cute and inexpensive clothes, and some good basics that would be awesome in any doll’s wardrobe.

I would like to note that I have never purchased from me and my princess doll boutique, I have simply admired their stuff for a while. I believe I have bought from pawprint pals, and I know I’ve bought from lovvbug. Also, check out etsy for some pretty neat stuff too!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to get a stopmotion up as soon as possible. I’m trying to find a used doll on eBay and make her into a custom boy doll. I’ve been using Kit, and, well, she isn’t very convincing as a boy. So hopefully that will work out! Maybe next time I’ll have a more interesting post. Bye for now!



Appily Ever After (part one) August 10, 2012

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Well, here it is! Part one of my first ever stop motion! It’s not the greatest thing ever, but I worked hard on it and I’m proud of it. I don’t own the rights to the music, it was just what came on my computer.

So basically, the story is Princess Aubree (Ruthie) and her friend Erica (Elizabeth) are out playing in the stream when they should be getting ready for the ball. They are caught by a visiting prince (Emily) and try to run. Aubree falls, and is helped by the prince. Back in the castle, Aubree is scolded by her mom and is shown up by her older sister. Secretly, Aubree doesn’t like being a princess. I know the title makes NO sense right now, but it will after parts two and three, which I have I just need to upload them. Enjoy!


Meet the “Other” Dolls December 13, 2011

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Okay, so as you know, Kathleen was ranting and raving on a previous post about how she’s not on this blog. Well, I finally got some more up. Well, here ya go. Introducing Kathleen, Elsie, Rapunzel (Zel) and Lucy. There’s also a slideshow. If you want to see more of their adventures, please comment. I’m also entering a slideshow of the photoshoot they had. Enjoy!

Kathleen McKenzie


Kathleen is spirited, spunky, and very adventurous. She is the doll that is closest in looks to my as of now, with her red hair and freckles. The only different thing is her eyes, which are an emerald green. She enjoys climbing trees when she’s not babysitting her little sister, Zel.

Elsie Dinsmore



Elsie is older sister to Rebecca and Lucy. She is very mature and wise, and a young woman of God. She loves to observe nature and pray and think. She doesn’t mind being an older sister, but sometimes it is very trying.

Rapunzel “Zel” McKenzie


Rapunzel, also known as “Zel” pronounced like Dell with a Z, is very quiet, shy, and meek. She secretly loves to play the piano and paint. She loves her sister, and loves to play with her mischief-making friend, Lucy.

Lucy Dinsmore


Lucy is mischievous, outgoing, and brave. She often drags Zel into doing something crazy, and can win anybody over with her cute little smile.


Here’s some more pictures of them. You’ll notice at the end that Lucy is tangled up in Zel’s hair. I thought it was so cute! Don’t worry, we got her out. There’s also some of Rebecca in my new Cecile’s parlor outfit! Hope you like them.


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Just Another (mini) Doll Day November 27, 2011

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Hiya! It’s me, Cecile! No, I am not the full 18″ doll, I’m fun  size! Very fun size if you know what I mean. Allow me to introduce myself, and my friends. I’m (mini) Cecile, and my friends, (mini) Rebecca or Beckie, since there’s already one big Rebecca. She wears the deep red dress. My other friend is Marie Grace, who wears a pink dress. There’s also Marie Grace’s little brother, Ziggy. He doesn’t walk straight (when he does walk), he zig zags! His real name is Zachary. You’ll see some pics of him later. Anyway, here are some pics of us.
Okay, so I had planned on showing you around the house today. I even have some cool pics, see?
She startled me so, that I jumped a little too high. I went up……up…….up……
Then, something really bad happened. I came down….down……(yikes!) DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It REALLY hurt my head. I was even hallucinating! Marie Grace screamed when she saw me. She leaned over me and this is what I saw.
 Then I asked Marie Grace, “Since when did we have two pet penguins?” Bad idea. Really bad idea. She ran down yelling that I was hurt and crazy and to call 911. I mean, she went NUTS. Soon, she returned with Rebecca. I’m gonna put in a slideshow now, since I have a lot of pics.

Beckie and Marie Grace lifted me up onto her bed, then went downstairs to check on Ziggy, who was crying awfully. I assured myself I was through with hallucinating. I thought wrong. When I looked up, two cartoonish chipmunks were dancing on my feet. They were cute, but huge for being chipmunks! Then a monkey dressed up like an astronaut entered, rattling on a bunch of space techno geek stuff. Even weirder was a robot lady, who looked like she could beat me up with her just her pinky finger. The scariest thing was an alligator, it climbed onto my bed! Well, that sent me over the edge. I ran all the way down stairs, and guess what I saw, a huge, freaky laughing baby! Later I learned that it was Ziggy, about to be picked up and put down for a nap. I was terrified, so I hid behind the couch. I must have made a racket, because Marie Grace and Beckie heard me  on the second floor.
             “What was that?” said Marie Grace. Beckie said it might be an intruder, so Marie Grace hid with Ziggy, and Beckie bravely grabbed a broom and pounded down the stairs. She saw me move, and WHAM! Down came the broom, right on my head. When I told her what I saw, she covered her mouth and “coughed”. She was obviously laughing at me. I know I sounded ridiculous. Needless to say, I am on strict bedrest for a week. I haven’t seen anything else weird, yet. That’s all for now, I guess! Bye!

Play Date!!! November 22, 2011

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Hi everyone! Ruthie Smithens here. Oh, Emma (my human) wanted you to know that she will get pics of Kathleen and the others up as soon as she can. It’s been rainy here, so she hasn’t had time to take pictures. Sorry about Kathleen’s rather rude post….she got on while Emma was away.

Well, you might be wondering about the whole play date title. Well, today Emma babysat two little girls. And guess what? each one brought a doll friend! One had blonde hair and green eyes. Her name is Jenny. The other one, Kendall, is a Just Like You doll with caramel layered hair and blue eyes. We became really good friends! Here are some pictures of us goofing off!




Kendall and Me!
Me, Jenny, and Kendall


Aren’t they silly? Kendall can go into a full splits!! She is a dancer, as you can tell by the awesome ballerina outfit.

Guess what else? Emma surprised us with a really special treat today. A sewing machine! Our very own sewing machine! It’s a really pretty blue and the “needle” really moves up and down. So does the foot. It came with a LOT of stuff. It came with an ironing board and iron, a sewing kit filled with a lot of normal sewing stuff, and a garment bag with hangers. My favorite accessory, though, is the tomato pin cushion. It’s on a bracelet! I was the first one to try the machine out. It’s a lot of fun! Kendall, Jenny and I posed for Emma. Here are some pics. In case you want to know, it’s from Target in the Our Generation section. Hope you like the pics!

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